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Walter Rose & Sons is our award-winning butcher providing us with all of our beef, pork, lamb and duck.

Our beef is specially selected from Stoke Marsh farm for its intense flavour and delicate marbling.

All of our beef is finished on-site and aged for between

35 and 50 days, occasionally we might push past this so keep an eye out for our black book beef.

Chapmans are our preferred partner when it comes to all things fish. They are a family-run business focused on sustainability and reducing food miles.

Our fish is landed daily from small day boats moving

up and down the south coast.

Chapmans quality is second to none and our menus

are designed to fit with the seasonality of the sea.


Our long-time friends and suppliers at Trenchmore produce some excellent Wagyu beef alongside our

best-selling Silly Moo cider.

Using selective breeding and traditional farming

methods, Andrew & Rachel have managed to

create a Sussex brand that we can all be proud of.

Watch out for a side or two of Trenchmore beef

hanging in our dry ager.

Chapel Down is England’s leading wine producer with an award-winning range of sparkling and still wines. 

Based in Kent, in the heart of the Garden of England, they produce wines of the highest quality and

which we believe offers the best expression of

English winemaking.


The Great British Charcuterie Co is a family-owned business based in Brighton. Known locally for providing the best Artisan British Cheese and Charcuterie. 

We work closely with GBC to select the best cheese and charcuterie for our menus.

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